Aerial photography, what does it add?

Date Published 08 March 2016

They say a photograph can save a thousand words, and we embrace that philosophy entirely, that is why we not only offer professional photography on all our properties, but we can also offer aerial photography. Not only will it offer a new and unique perspective on our properties, it will also show gardens, land, surroundings and views. As such, a few photo's really can save thousands of unread words, describing property locations.
We always do our utmost to use new technology and push the boundaries of what we can do for our clients, and what once required an aeroplane fly over can now be done by a trained and qualified professional with a drone, meaning all angles are possible with no need to register a flight path over your home.
So if your home has fantastic views, a large garden, river frontage or a prominent position ask us how we can make the most of your properties best features.