More Success For Carl`s Tae Kwon Do School In Cardiff!

Date Published 26 June 2015

Carl Davis, an instructor at the Wantage-based club, won gold's in the sparring and power events, plus a bronze in fourth degree patterns. This ensured he won the overall adult black belt prize for the second time in a row. Aaron Poole also won two events, in junior colour belt heavyweight sparring and power.
He also added silver in the junior green belt patterns, to become the top overall junior colour belt competitor. Oliver Grimes claimed two gold's and a bronze, while Oliver Ellacott picked up two silvers in the junior colour belt divisions. The tally was completed by silvers for Jamie Marren and Lucas Smyth in the children divisions and bronzes for Kuba Pienkos and Bethany Woodsend in sparring and patterns.