It`s Official You Need A Floorplan!

Date Published 03 April 2009

Hard on the heels of figures from Rightmove which showed that using floor plans increases buyer interest by a whopping 30%, there's further confirmation of the power of floor plans as a property marketing tool - this time in the authoritative Home Moving Trends Survey 2009, published by The Academy.
According to this report, arguably the UK's most comprehensive annual survey of public attitudes towards estate agents and the housing market generally, a remarkable 85.5% of the house-hunting public consider floor plans as useful or essential – nearly half saying they were essential - in their on-line property search.
This makes floor plans far and away the most popular of the 'optional' marketing tools used by agents, putting it right up there with absolute must-haves such as photographs, written descriptions and location maps. By comparison, information on local shops scored just 58.9% with the public, and 360-degree virtual tours 51.2%.
Coming on top of the figures from Rightmove, this latest piece of evidence from yet another authoritative source further confirms what we have always believed - that floor plans are a uniquely powerful aid to online property marketing,' says Brian Farrell of Metropix, the largest provider of floor plans and other advanced visualisation solutions to the property industry. 'Of course, anyone house-hunting online is going to want photographs and some sort of written description in order to get any sense of the property at all. They'll probably want a map as well. But what's clear from the survey results is that floor plans are also an important tool and their use is in high demand.'
What makes them so popular? Brian is in no doubt. 'A floor plan gives you a far more accurate representation of the size and precise layout of a property than a bald statement of dimensions – or even a whole sheaf of photographs – can achieve on their own.'

The survey figures suggest that any agents trying to market property online without floor plans are doing neither their clients – nor themselves – any favours.