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After you have found a rental property, the application process needs to take place. We have tried to break it down into the following steps, however full details can be found in the “Application for Tenancy and Guidance Notes for Tenants” document.

Application Form

We will ask you to read our Guidance Notes, which is a comprehensive guide to letting a property. You will then need to complete our Tenancy Application form and pay the *Holding Deposit.


On receipt of your Application Form and Holding Deposit, we will forward your details to our Referencing Company, Van Mildert, who will email you a link to their website to complete the referencing application. They will require your current and previous addresses, along with contact details for your employer (to confirm your income) and your current Landlord if applicable. The referencing usually takes 2-3 days. Full details of the criteria can be found in our Guidance Notes for Tenants. Should your referencing be unsuccessful due to a shortfall in income, it may be possible for someone to act as a Guarantor. Anyone acting as a Guarantor will need to add their details to the Application Form.

In the event that you fail referencing, and your proposed Tenancy does not go ahead, your application fee is non-refundable.

Tenancy Agreement

On completion of successful referencing, we will draw up the Tenancy Agreement for you to read, sign and return to us. Any special clauses agreed will be included. Once signed and dated by both parties, the Tenancy Agreement is legally binding.

Initial Payment & Deposit

Your deposit is 5 weeks' rent, and will usually be held by Gesners Property Management Ltd as Stakeholder.
The Deposit will be registered and protected by the TDS, full details can be found as follows Your Deposit and first month’s rent will be due three working days before your tenancy starts.

Inventory & Check in

The Inventory will list the property and all of its contents, along with the condition and cleanliness. An Inventory Clerk will meet you at the property on the first day of your tenancy to go through the Inventory, and hand the keys over. At the end of the Tenancy, you will be “checked out” against the Inventory which will determine any deductions that your Landlord may propose.

Rent Payments

Your rent must be paid by Standing Order, and will be due on the same date every month, determined by the start date of your tenancy. For example, if you move in on the 10th of the month, your rent will always be due on the 10th of every month.

Property Management & Maintenance

We will notify you when you start your tenancy who to contact with maintenance issues or problems. This will be either Gesners Property Management or your Landlord.